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June 9, 2007 - January 20, 2016
Sire: Am/Can Ch Bar-K Tribute to Barlow - Dam: Am/Can Ch Bar-K Perfectly Perfect
Bred by Phillip Koenig

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Louisville, Kentucky Circuit - 4 shows.

After being at home since October 2008, we ventured off to Louisville, a 13 hour drive to see if Baxter was ready to compete in the US. It was a long drive all by myself. These shows were to be a test to see if he was ready to compete in the US.

Baxter took RWD the first show - Judge Jon Cole
Show #2 Blue Grass Boxer Club he took WD for a 4 point major- Judge Patricia Laurans
Show #3 he took 5th in a class of 5 - judge Charles Olvis
Show #4 he took 4th in a class of 5 - judge - Burton Yamada

Baxter 4 point major
Baxter's first US points - 4 point WD Blue Grass Boxer Club - at the Louisville Kennel Club show. Handled beautifully by Tammy Mishler. Judge Particia Laurans

Thank You Tammy Mishler for stepping in when Jody Paquette couldn't make it to the ring.

Baxter and I will be making the occasional trip down to the US to show. We will have to decide what comes next. We live too far away from the border to be able to take him to the US too often.

ABC (American Boxer Club Specialty) will be his next show, so it will be back to Kentucy for us come May 2009.

ABC has come and gone. Baxter showed well, but he was not that judges 'cup of tea'. We still love him and will take him to some more US shows this summer.

OHIO SHOWS... We travelled to Lebanon, Ohio for 2 Boxer Specialties and then to Lima Ohio for 3 All Breed shows. I had understood that these shows are usually majors, but just our luck, this year they were close to major but did not quite make it.

At the first show Baxter was RWD. Next day he was 3rd in a class of 4. Dreadful judging in my opinion. We then moved 2 hours north to Lima Ohio. First show, WD & BW with me handling him for 2 points. Then the next day, we (me handling again) took WD and BOS over 3 male specials for 2 more points. Then on Sunday, Jody showed him to WD for 1 point and I went in on him for BW for for 1 extra point. This brings his total to 10 points!!

Lima - 2 points Lima - 2 points
Owner Handler- Shirley Bell, Judge Faye Strauss Owner Handler - shirley Bell - Judge Wm Cunningham
Lima - 2 points
Handler - Jody Paquette for Winners, owner handled to Best of Winners

Cape Cod, MA

I drove 14 1/2 hours down to Cape Cod to show Mr Baxter and Miss Patsy in 3 all breed shows and the Rhode Island Boxer Club specialty.

Although it was a long drive, it was an easy drive. My GPS "Daniel' behaved very well and didn't get me lost even once!! Straight there and straight back!! Beautiful scenery along the way.

The show site was fabulous. Held at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds. Lots of fields to walk dogs in. The Boxer people had preferred parking up on top of the hill right beside the Boxer ring. Flower gardens surrounded the area.

I have to comment on the camaraderie of the Boxer people. They all got together and did pot luck and cook outs for most of the meals. The food was out of this world and included Lobster, crab, seafood salad, Cape Cod chicken salad and soooo much more. Blenders full of ice cold Strawberry Marguerites kept appearing too!! :-) I enjoyed these shows and the Boxer people's company so much. Special thanks goes to Beth Coviello-Davis (Belco Boxers) for her hospitality.

The fact that Mr Baxter got his second 4 pt major and Miss Patsy won the Veteran Bitch class was icing on the cake!! Baxter now needs 1 single point to finish his US Championship with me on the end of his lead for most of his points.

If you get a chance to go down to the eastern part of the US, just know that you will be welcomed and will enjoy the best Boxer hospitality going!! I am sure people in other breeds (met some Boston people too) are almost as nice <VBG>

Got home Monday safe and sound but very tired. It is taking this poor old lady days to recover from all that fun.

I took this photo with my blackberry while out walking with Baxter on flexi lead and Patsy on 6 ft lead. They saw a cat. It was quiet a feat to hold the pair of them and fumble for the blackberry, get the photo without dropping the phone. LOL.

Baxter & Patsy


Baxter's 2nd 4 pt major. Judge Nancy Barrett, handler, Shirley Bell
South Shore Kennel Club - Cape Cod, Mass.

Monroe Michigan September 25, 26 & 27/09
It was a long drive down to these shows alone. Staying in hotel room alone isn't very much fun especially when you have a nice win and no one to share the excitement with. Thanks to the my laptop, internet, facebook and all my friends I was well entertained. The big plus was the Cracker Barrel restauraunt right across the parking lot. I love Cracker Barrel!!

Day 1 Baxter went RWD after winning a large competitive open fawn dog class with me on his lead. Judge Roger Hartinger.
Day 2 Baxter wins WD, BW and BOS over male Specials for 4 point major to finish his American Championship, owner handled. Judge Eleanor Jackson. He is now known as Can/Am Ch Bar-K Solaris at Bellcrest. (which leads me to how he got his name) I was on a flight to the UK via Amsterdam and was served some white wine. The name of that wine was 'Solaris' and beneath the name on the bottle was this "Celebrate the Day". I thought that very appropriate as I was celebrating the day Phillip called me and I became the proud owner of Mr Baxter.
Day 3 - Moved up to Specials class. Baxter decides he has had enough and puts on an adequate performance, not at all like he has performed the 2 previous days. Guess he knew he was finished and wanted to go home. If he had won the breed we would have had to stay till around 4 PM for Groups. Judge Dr. Robert Indeglia We headed home right after the breed judging.

Reserve Winners Dog
Judge Roger Hartinger - Handler Shirley Bell
- Reserve Winners Dog Michigan Boxer Club September 25, 2009
New US Champion
New American Champion
WD, BW & BOS for his 3rd 4 point Major. September 26, 2009
Judge Eleanor Jackson - Handler Shirley Bell


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