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June 9, 2007 - January 20, 2016
Large cell Lymphoma ended his life.
Sire: Am/Can Ch Bar-K Tribute to Barlow - Dam: Am/Can Ch Bar-K Perfectly Perfect
Bred by Phillip Koenig
& Barbara Parlow Bar-K Boxers
DM Carrier
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Baxter 10 weeks
Baxter is pictured above at 10 weeks of age

Baxter - 4 months
Baxter 4 months
Oct 17/07 - Baxter is pictured above at a little over 4 months of age.
These photos were taken a few days after arriving at his new home in Northern Ontario.



November 8, 2007 - Sanction Match - Georgina Kennel & Obedience Club
Baxter's first time in the ring. He was so naughty!! He had a few moments of brilliance, and managed to win BOB and Group 2nd.

Photos by Cheryl HIckson (taken between gales of laughter when Baxter was making a fool of his handler).

Baxter Goes to Sudbury - His first Canadian shows

We were driving over to Sudbury early Thursday morning in my new van which I had just picked up 4 days previous, when all of a sudden out of the sky came 2 HUGE black birds.

Not sure if they were fighting or mating, but they came spiralling down directly at me. I had no place to go, so slowed down and kept 'between the ditches' As I was inside my van ducking, I was sure they were going to hit the windshield, but instead they smashed into my drivers side mirror. The mirror exploded. This is a electric mirror, which unfortunately is no more!! I was very shaken up and thought to myself, I sure hope this is not an indication that I bought a Lemon van and/or am going to have a rotten weekend at the dog show!!

On to the show. Mr. Baxter is quite the showman. He loves it and thinks that the whole world came to watch him so he must put on a show right? Well, he did. He continually took me around the ring like it was him that was in charge!!

Baxter's First Puppy Group
Judge: Don Fitzsimmons
Handler/Owner: Shirley Bell

He ended the weekend with One Best Puppy in Group and 9 Points. Not bad for a first time. He is not an easy dog to show as he is so full of himself!!!

Not the best photo, as the Phtographer did not give me time to set his rear. Baxter climbed up on the stand, smelled the flowers planted his front feet and the photographer snapped the photo. He was amazed that the puppy behaved so well for his very first photo. We will try harder next time. It was the end of the day and we all were very tired, and I was sick with what turned out to be bronchitis.

Baxter's goes to Petawawa - Champlain Dog Club - his second Canadian weekend.

Baxter finished his Canadian Championship on day one with a Best Puppy in Group.

He is a real monkey to show as he wants to be in control. He grabs the lead, looks back at me and says, hey old lady, are you ready, can you keep up with me?? And away we go. This is cute in the puppy class, but now that he has been moved up to Specials and has to play with the big boys it isn't so cute. The judges expect a special to behave. As he is still only just turned 10 months of age, he has no intention of behaving. I don't want to spoil his fun outgoing temperament so will just let him grow up before he goes out to play some more.

New Champion

Judge: Thora Brown. Owner/Handler: Shirley Bell

Baxter's next show is the American Boxer Club Specialty (ABC) in Kentucky-
with handler Jody Paquette
I sure hope Jody has more success in getting the brat to behave than I have!! She will have her hands full!! Jody does a beautiful job with a Boxer. I am hoping she can convince Mr. Baxter to be a gentleman and behave himself!

ABC has come and gone........Baxter and Jody looked phenominal together. Jody had him looking absolutely outstanding and he behaved very well for her. Must be that 'professional touch'!! He showed well, moved great coming and going, and covered ground effortlessly on the go around....what more could we ask for!! We had many many compliments from ringside sectators on our boy.

Baxter at ABC

Baxter is pictured here at ABC 2008 (handler Jody Paquette, Judge Janet Sinclair)

On the way home from ABC we (Baxter & I) stopped at the Forrest City shows. He took Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed on Sunday. We packed up and headed home. When we got home he was so happy to see his Dad (Wayne) and his best buddy Mardi.

Next show......Boxer Club of Canada Regional Specialty June 8, 2008 in Oshawa, Ontario . This will be Baxter's last show as a puppy. He turns a year old on the 9th of June.

We entered the Erie Shores All Breed shows for 3 days prior to Boxer Club of Canada to give our naughty boy some experience at outdoor shows. He behaved quite well and won the breed 2 out of 3 days. It was hot hot hot and a real rush the last day driving over to Oshawa from Caledonia. I was so late that I nearly missed the awards dinner.

June 9, 2008 - Mr Baxter turned One year old today!! Steak for supper!! He certainly earned it. What a weekend we had! We arrived home today very hot and very tired but extremely happy and pleased. Baxter behaved like a perfect gentleman. I can hardly believe that he didn't grab the lead at all. Must have been that 'professional' training that he got from Jody!! One of my fellow competitors commented yesterday at the Specialty "You finally got him trained" LOL.

In the Ring - Sweeps


It was an extremely hot day. It was great to see everyone taking such care to make sure that their dogs were cool. The showchair had cold water ringside for the exhibitors and there were water hoses available for the dogs. Great idea.

On to the results.....

We are thrilled to say that Baxter ended his puppy career with some wonderful wins.

The Sweepstakes was judged by Mr Jim McGriskin. Baxter won Best in Sweeps. What a super way to start the day.



The Specialty was judged by Mr John Keil. Baxter won Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy. We were very very pleased with these wins. What a good boy he was. It was soooo hot but he kept on showing and never let down.

The official photos from the Specialty are just dreadful. Not just the photos of Baxter, but of all the winners. How terribly disappointing!!!! They appear to be taken from the wrong angle and there is no sign. I suppose if one were to order the photo the photographer could insert the sign, but frankly the photos are so bad that I hesitate to spend the money. I am hoping that someone ringside has taken some good photos and would be willing to share.

We put this photo together from 3 different photos. Thanks to those who shared the photos that they took with me so I was able to do this.

Boxer Club of Canada 2008
From left to right....Sweeps judge - Jim McGriskin, Specialty Judge John Keil

June 13, 2008 Baxter and I entered the Ontario County shows so I could spend some time visiting with my good friend Grace Chessell. Grace and I have been travelling together to shows for over 30 years until she and her husband moved to Madoc, On. Grace has Keeshonds.

On Friday, as luck would have it, the Keeshonds were being shown in the ring beside Boxers at exactly the same time as Boxers!! Needless to say it was difficult to keep Baxter focused on what he was supposed to do. HIs down and back was dreadful because he was busy watching his furry friend in the next ring. Oh well. No breed win this day. LOL.

On Saturday, He behaved quite well and showed nicely. He took Best of Breed and went on to take a Group 3rd. We were very pleased with this win for such a young boy.

Group 3rd

Judge - Morley Thornton
Owner/Handler - Shirley Bell

Then, on Sunday, he showed extremely well. I think he finally has it figured out. He knows what he is supposed to do and really enjoys doing it. He is a born showman. He did not win the breed on Sunday.

Baxter will not be attending any shows for a while as he really needs to grow up and mature. I also need to spend more time at work and less time playing. He will return to the ring occasionally later this summer and early fall.

This page is getting way too long. To read about Baxter's further/future adventures.......... starting with the Temiskaming Kennel Club shows

pdf file View Baxter's Pedigree
pdf file Baxter's Echo Doppler Report

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