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Check List

. Dog(s) (Freshly Bathed)
. Collars & leads (incl. 1 Flexi per person exercising dogs)
. Tack Box
. Rubber Brush
. Grooming products & shampoo/self rinse plus/chalk/powder
. Nail grinder & recharger (or guillotine type nail trimmers)
. Towels - Bath size & washcloth/wet coats
. Dogfood & dishes & any supplements
. Water if out of area & buckets/clips
. Ex pens & crates
. Bait (Liver and/or Rollover & toys
. Dog's registration info, Microchip ID & emergency numbers, & rabies certificate photocopies
. Health certificate with return trip permit number if flying
. Grooming table & arm
. Spray bottle for water
. Dryer, Extension cord, Generator
. Bucket for ringside to hold water, towels, cool-off, bait, comb...
. Shade cloths & clamps &/or EZ-up canopy for outside/summer
. Ice chest to store bait, water bottle, ice and pop/wine!) when hot
. First Aid Kit
. Q-tips & alcohol swabs for cleaning ears
. Wheels cart & bungie cords
. Pooper Scooper, recycled plastic grocery baggies for trash & waste
. 6' Hose & shut-off connectors for outside bathing if necessary
  Insect Repellant with Deet for Humans & Dogs (& Tweezers from the First Aid Kit, for ticks!
. Showclothes & shoes
. Slips, pantyhose
. Judging Schedule, address & directions to showgrounds, acknowledgements
. Hotel confirmation, address & phone
. People meds (prescriptions, allergy meds, ibuprofin, bandages, glasses, etc.)
. Cash, credit card, phone calling card, "CAA" Canadian Automobile Association card for roadside emergencies, cell phone (optional, but very handy and good for roadside emergencies), & Daytimer (or whatever you keep names/phone numbers etc in for reference)
. Casual clothes, shoes, socks, pajamas & undergarments
. Toiletries: (Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant, cologne, makeup, curling iron and hair dryer)
. Breathmints, sunscreen
. Sunglasses, prescription glasses, contacts, and something to clean them with!
. Paper towels
. Snack food & drinks (or pay a fortune at the concessions)
. List of supplies you need to shop for at the vendors (new leads, grooming products, clips, etc.)
. Pen & paper to record results and take notes
. Your Business cards
. Folding chairs (camping style - see Costco!)
. Airline tickets if flying & number of your travel agent and/or airline (see Daytimer)
. Safety pins, small sewing kit, buttons
. "Shout" brand stain remover pads! (Thanks, Mary! Great idea!)
Toolbox: Bolt & Wire Cutters, Screwdrivers, WD40, etc.

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